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Updated: May 6, 2020


thank you to the poems

that have showed up

offered me their companionship

over these 30 days

and 30 nights

of wandering

in the corona desert, the covidian forest,

19 leagues undersea, over novel glaciers

through terrain

unknown and shifting

thank you to the poems

for lifting me with an anchor

a next step, a task

thank you

for the poems

that have asked

to be shared

come prepared to chat

with others, in ways

far beyond my control


you to every kind soul

who has taken a moment

to read the seeds i’m scattering

let this smattering of symbols

become a shared plot between us

you have watered the words

(there is no greater gift)

and to you who have also

swifted your pen, pounded your keyboard,

offered us the solace of your voice

to you who made the choice

to play, i say THANK YOU

thank you poets,

thank you poems,

thank you readers.


And big thanks to Matthew D Denis at the The Register-Guard for giving me a shoutout and encouraging wordplay in our community 😊👏







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