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Golden Blue Flower
Golden Blue Flower
Words For Gratitude Virtual Cover.jpg

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Envision being entertained by a spirited spoken word poet, being moved beyond language by an accomplished cellist, and then guided inward by a powerful healer. This is the lovely layer cake of experiences we are thrilled to offer on Sunday December 17th, within the cozy container of the Wordcrafters’ studio—tea included.

As we count down to the darkest day of the year, we warmly welcome you into this opportunity to be together in celebration of the winter solstice, in joy or sorrow or both. Jorah LaFleur will be releasing her new book of poems: “Words for Gratitude,” with special gift book bundles. Lela Sky will be offering gift certificates for all of her amazing healing modalities. And Nisha Calkins will be opening up her cello studio to new students. 


We hope you can join us for this unique triple-decker, book release show, healing journey, and solstice celebration. 

Thank you to Wordcrafters in Eugene for supporting this book launch.

A very special collaboration...

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